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Ecological dyes used in the leather tanner of Amor Boho in Italy

The leather used by Amor Boho it´s high quality leather, chosen with great care, and it is of Italian origin. 

Amor Boho is a brand committed to environmental protection and that is why most of the leathers used are vegetable tanned, which means that they are treated with ecological dyes and not with chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment, such as chromium. This way of treating leather can produce an irregular surface, but at the same time it makes it more pure and beautiful,which is stressed even more because we are protecting our planet.

Although the quality of our leather is guaranteed, to take care of the handbag and for its beauty to increase over time, we recommend following these simple tips:

How to store the handbag:

  • Store the handbag in its own case
  • If you are not going to use the handbag for a long period of time, it would be best to fill it with paper, but use paper that is not tinted to avoid staining the internal components of the handbag. Choose a place that is not exposed to the sun and is not humid.
  • Avoid stacking handbags so that they do not become warped by weight. The best way to store the handbag would be to put it in the shipment box in which you received it.

How to clean it and maintain it:

  • If all you want is to clean it slightly, it is best to use a dry white cotton cloth. 
  • If the bag gets wet, also dry it with a cotton cloth. Avoid using a dryer or any other heat source because that would significantly damage the leather.
  • To help your handbags to withstand the test of time, hydrate them with a colorless regenerating cream and use a suitable protective spray. 


  • Avoid overfilling your handbag because this can deform or damage its handles.
  • Handbags that are light colored are more susceptible to discoloration, so avoid placing them in direct contact with darker items that can fade, such as jeans. 
  • For dark-leather handbags,  it is advisable to prevent the direct contact and and rubbing with light-colored garments,  since the garment might become slightly faded.
  • Avoid exposing the handbag to extreme heat, humidity, rain, friction and direct sunlight, because they can cause discoloration or stains.
  • Avoid placing the handbag in contact with corrosive substances such as oil or alcohol.

Remember that you can always count on us to answer any questions, to help you with any advice or for any repair, if necessary.

Contact us at info@amorboho.com

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