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Today I will tell you what I do In Marrakech when I am tired of the bustle of the souk. Apart from returning to the confort of the Riad which is a haven of peace, I love to go outside Marrakech to “La Palmeraie”, a palm grove with thousands and thousands of beautiful palms with a very mystical atmosphere specially if you go at sunset.

Sunset at “La Palmeraie” (WEEKENDER bag)

When I travel to Marrakech I barely have time to do tourism, maximum I go out to dinner every day to disconnect from work and discover new restaurantes but I am very lucky because the village where I manufacture my bags is in the Palmeraie area. The sky is so stunning on my way back from work when the sun goes down and I traverse the palm area by car… Those are the happy moments for me in life.

On my way back from work traversing “La Palmeraie”

As my favorite place on the outskirts of Marrakech, last year we did the shooting for the summer collection over there. It wasn’t easy because even though its a public place every time we were ready to shoot a police appeared out of nowhere to stop us, it was surreal, but these surreal things happened in Morocco and I am learning very fast to improvise and to be more patient and relativize problems.

Shooting in “La Palmeraie” (COCOTTE basket bag)
Shooting at “La Palmeraie” (WEEKENDER bag)

Shooting at “La Palmeraie” (BABUX bag)

The city’s palm grove is now considered a trendy place to live and to stay in Marrakech and is the centre of a huge urban plan that includes private houses, luxury hotels and golf clubs, therefore, its in danger of extinction because there is not enough water for the palm trees to survive.

Arid land at “La Palmeraie” (WEEKENDER bag)

Remember, if you go to Marrakech there are more interest places apart from the Medina.

Thanks for being there!



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