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This rustic but chic retreat about 20 minutes outside of Marrakech in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains is exactly the Morocco you were hoping still existed. The property consists of several adobe structures, along with beautiful gardens and a 50-foot pool in the middle of an old olive grove, all decorated with an exquisite taste. It came as no surprise to learn that Romaine, the owner, was well regarded for several internationally renowned hotels and private homes in Marrakech and also the Nomad cafe which I love.

The adobe walls that takes you back in time
Chill out with moroccan vintage kilims and rugs
Dream bed rooms

We chossed this lodge to do last shooting and we weren’t disappointed, each corner was so beautiful that we didn’t know where to begin. There’s something just so magical about Berber Lodge, sometimes the chicest spaces are the simplest.

Beautiful gardens with beautiful cactus. Souk bag
Moroccan doors. Nikita bag
The entry of the leaving room. Pasion bag

When I go to Marrakech I used to stay at the riads of the Medina because its closer to my artisans village and because when I finish the long working days I love strolling around the souk because its where I find many times my inspiration. But if you are looking for a retreat definitely this is the place.

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Good night! xxx

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