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AMOR BOHO is the culmination of the experience gained in my work first at a looms factory and after at the clothing surf company Rip Curl  along with my passion for architecture, art, music…—these are the things that move me, inside and out, and what I try to express in my designs. My life philosophy has always been to live in the present and let myself be guided by my instincts; I feel as though the pieces to the puzzle of my life have come together to create this lovely project. Everything I love and everything I am are embodied in the project, thus the name AMOR BOHO (love for a bohemian life). The four overlaid hearts represent my greatest treasure, my family.

At Amor Boho you will find everyday bags designed for modern women, bags with a casual elegance and the warmth of quality materials but with a reasonable price. At present what I find in the market is that the handbags that I like that meet quality and design, as they are of recognized brands, have an overpriced price.

Each bag is unique and carries its own interesting story. Each and every one of my bags and accessories are hand-made in a workshop in Ubrique Spain, where each artisan has a specific task, and I, who have  the privilege of being next to them throughout the production process, can verify that they make magic with their hands. The attentiveness with which they work and the time they take to make each piece is incredible.

In Amor Boho you will find materials such as raffia and velvet fabrics brought from Marrakech and that’s because that’s where it all started. Therefore I have an incredible love for this city and its people and I´ll continue to travel there to stay in contact with the craftsmen who helped me so much in my early days.

Everything you find on this website has been made with so much love and dedication, both by me as well as by the artisans that are the ones make all this possible, and to whom I am incredibly grateful.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you like it!

Miren Zubiaguirre

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