Amor Boho is a brand made exclusively in Spain, with a belief in the principles of slow fashion, encouraging costumers to buy top quality products with a lower impact on our planet.

Amor Boho was created to fulfill the need in the market for exclusive high quality bags with designs we like at a reasonable price.

At Amor Boho you’ll find high quality bags with contemporary designs that breathe casual elegance. They are lightweight and secure bagsyou can wear both during the day and at night.

Amor Boho bags are designed to last and to take center stage in both your wardrobe and your heart. That’s why we make it our commitment to create the finest quality pieces.

To ensure the highest quality, we work with a workshop in Ubrique, Spain, a little village with an age-old tradition in leather where each and every piece is created with exquisite care. We also use the highest quality Italian leather, most of which is vegetable tanned, meaning we do not use chemicals, which are harmful to the environment and to our health, in the tanning process.


Miren Zubiaguirre

Amor Boho is the result of the experience I gained working, first in a loom factory and then in the surf clothing brand Rip Curl, and of my thriving passion for architecture, art, traveling and music. These are the things that inspire me inside and out which I try to let shine through in my designs. My philosophy in life has been to feel free and follow my instincts and I feel that the puzzle pieces of my life have come together to create this beautiful project. All that I love and that I am is embodied in this project, thus the name, AMOR BOHO, love for the bohemian life. The four overlapping hearts represent my greatest treasure, my family.

Everything you find on this website has been made with so much love and dedication, both by us as well as by the artisans that are the ones that make all this possible, and to whom we are incredibly grateful.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you like it!


Donostia-San Sebastián, España

Avenida de la Libertad

+34 617848058

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