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Yesterday I was watching on instagram an event of a fashion brand and it was funny to see all the influencers invited tie-dying. Few years ago I discovered this technique and I converted my home into a laboratory, I found this technique so amusing and . Therefore, after dyeing just about every white article of clothing in sight, I am going to share with you my experiments.

You will need natural fiber clothing or fabric, salt, rubber gloves, scissors, bucket and a dye kit, if you find indigo color that’s my favorite. When choosing the fabric its important that its made of natural fibers (cotton or linen are the ones that work best). I could explain you how to do it but I think It would be much better for you to follow any of the tutorials on internet specialized in tie-dying, it´s very easy you will see.

The rubber bands prevent the dye from penetrating the fabric they cover

You can dye many things but what I liked the most tie-dying were napkins and making bags. Above all I enjoyed mixing different dyes and finding new colors.

Napkins placed over the bath tube to dry
Canvas bag tie-dyed in burgundy color
Mixing colors on linen from navy blue and yellow
Mixing colors on linen from red color and pink

Have fun!!!



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